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5 Myths About Web Designers

Many companies aren't sure how to select a good web designer. What makes a web designer a web designer? What is a web designer? Below are some common myths that have many organizations miscasting the role of web designer with less than qualified individuals.

If they can put up a website, they must be a web designer

The fact is, most ten year olds can put up a website these days. The tools available for creating websites have become so simple and inexpensive that anyone can do it. Creating a family website or a website for your softball team is way different than creating an effective company website, however.

From layout to navigation to messaging to the overall site structure, professional web designers can make sure visitors to your company's website effectively get the information they need and the information you want them to receive.

If they know HTML, they can design a good website

HTML is the language web pages are most commonly written in. Being familiar with the language is important, but it has very little to do with good design. Just because someone knows the lyrics to a song doesn't make them a good singer.

Your IT people can design your company's website

Believe it or not, this happens quite a bit. It seems logical to a lot of companies that the people in charge of the web servers should also handle the design of the public website. IT is a valuable support function for the person or team designing your website, but they aren't web designers.

Your public website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Therefore, its development should be lead by your marketing people and designed by true web designers.

Web developers and web designers are the same

Web developers are like mechanics that work on the engine of your car.

Web designers are like the guys that put the killer paint job on it.

Web developers are highly technical individuals who are wizards at the coding that makes up all the cool and sophisticated functionality you see on many of today's most advanced websites. While they can do some web design themselves, they often partner with web designers to design the websites that live on top of their creations.

Graphic designers and web designers are the same

Sometimes, but not necessarily. Many graphic designers today are very capable of designing great-looking websites. The trick is finding a graphic designer with knowledge of how to effectively lay out a company website for maximum impact, usability and clarity. Good web design is about more than just looking good. It's about incorporating solid marketing techniques with those good looks.

The bottom line

While it might seem like a bargain to have that young lady in IT or the son of one of your sales people doing your public website, it's not. Your company's website is one of your most valuable assets. If it's not up to par, visitors will think your company isn't up to par. When so many people are encountering companies for the first time via their websites, it's important that the first impression they receive is a positive and compelling one.

Learn how Frog Island Creative Services can help you design a polished, professional website that effectively delivers your marketing message.



5 Myths About Web Designers

Why Your Company Needs a Great Website


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