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Why Your Company Needs a Great Website

To many organizations, their public website is a necessary evil. They know it's important to have one. Everybody else does and, to not look out of touch, that means they need one too. They slap the contents of their company brochure up on a site designed by one of their IT guys and check off the box labeled “website.”

It's true that a company website is necessary, but it's far from evil. Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools your organization has. It can help create leads, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. So your company doesn't just need a website, it needs a great website.

They'll meet your website before they meet you

Before they meet a sales person, walk into your office or receive a piece of your company literature, it's likely potential customers have already been to your website. More and more people and businesses are first searching the web for vendors to solve their problems and fill their needs. It's faster, easier, and more comprehensive than traditional sources like the yellow pages or business directories. Therefore, it's imperative that you make a great first impression.

In business, looks do matter

No matter how great your products or services are, nobody wants to do business with a company that appears less than professional. Imagine learning of the most delicious restaurant in town. Now imagine you arrive with your family and you see a broken window, a dead roach on the floor, and some water leaking out from under the restroom door. Does it really matter that the food is great?

In business, people judge books by their covers and want to give their money to companies that look credible and respectable. If your website looks like that of a company working out of a garage, potential customers will search on for a company that appears more established.

Web visitors aren't patient

Upon reaching your home page, the clocks in the minds of your visitors start ticking. You've got about five seconds to let them know they're in the right place, that you are a reputable company, and that you can solve their problem. That's a lot of information to convey in not a lot of time. If you fail to provide that information, visitors will hit the back button in their browsers and search elsewhere. It happens fast and it can happen often. Worst of all, you won't ever know you lost them.

Great websites not only keep your visitors from turning around and leaving, they suck them further in to your site. The goal is to keep them on your site as long as possible. The longer they're there, the more they'll learn about your products and services and the better the chances are that they'll wind up in your lead database.

The keys are to be clear in your messaging, have an easy-to-read layout, an intuitive navigation scheme, and compelling call to actions.

Your website never closes

Since the very minute you launched your website, your business has been open twenty four hours a day. That means it can potentially be selling 24 hours a day. If you're a company doing transactions online, you can make money around the clock.

Great websites are like sales people that never sleep. Everything a visitor can get from a sales person can be accessed via your website with the exception of the sweaty handshake. Product and service descriptions, pricing, demonstrations, and more can be available to potential customers to help them move closer to becoming actual customers.

The bottom line

Your website is often the front door to your business. It shapes how potential customers perceive your organization. It's a vehicle for your messaging and helps visitors learn about your products and services. It can turn suspects to leads, leads to prospects and prospects to sales.

With so much riding on the quality of your company's website, why risk mediocrity? A great website is worth a million bucks. But it will cost much less to implement and much more to not.

Learn how Frog Island Creative Services can design a great website for you that looks great and delivers your message more effectively.



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Why Your Company Needs a Great Website


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